Wedding Cake Display Inspiration

Wedding Cake Display Inspiration from The Barn Blog

Whether you’re having a small, intimate affair or a large bash for your wedding, we believe there should always be a few standout elements that make the event memorable and showcase the bride and groom’s creativity. It might be a unique playlist for the musically-inclined couple, a “man’s-best-friend-best-man” for a dog-loving groom, or, as in the case of one of our brides last weekend, a whimsical wedding cake display suspended in the air from the rafters of the barn ceiling.

One of our favorite cake displays from a wedding at the Loveless Barn- suspended in the air from the raftors in the ceiling.



We love when bride’s think outside of the box and come up with something that even we’ve never seen before. In this particular case, the fantastical display sparked our curiosity and provided the inspiration for a post about our favorite ideas for making dessert center-stage. We’ve collected some photos that we hope will inspire you for your next event.


 Go Vintage

Vintage furniture details make a wedding cake stand out!

In our homes, a vintage chest or weathered desk are used to display our ornamental decorations and favorite pieces of art. We love the idea of applying this concept to a wedding and displaying a beautiful cake on an old piece of furniture. Bringing the entire vignette outside creates an indoor/outdoor look that feels unexpected and imaginary.

Source: image 2


Frame It

Frames showcase a wedding cake as if they're a piece of art (well, aren't they?)

Whether you’re making a statement with individual frames or creating a large frame with subtle symmetry, one thing is clear with this choice of display. Wedding cakes are pieces of art and should presented as such.

Sources: image 1; image 2


Keep it Spool

Love the idea of making an old spool into a unique table for a wedding cake display.

Did you know that you can probably find large, old spools like these in a nearby scrap yard for FREE? They may be overlooked by the people who discard them as junk, but we love the idea of turning them into an unconventional table to showcase a wedding cake. Because of the small area of space, keep the display simple and let the cake take center stage.

Sources: image 1; image 2


Pitch a Tent

Want to make your wedding cake stand out? Pitch a tent.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider a beautiful yet functional way to show off your wedding cake. Nothing says “center of attention” like having it’s own little make-shift home right in the middle of the reception. Create drama with rich fabric draped around the sides, or keep it simple and elegant with white netting. Either way, we love this look.

Sources: image 1; image 2


Showcase Your Love

Cake displays for the travel enthusiast

When it comes to your wedding, it’s the personal touches that will stand out and make the day feel special. Bring elements of your favorite hobbies and passions in life to the decor and your event instantly becomes memorable. We love this idea of displaying a wedding cake in a vintage suitcase for a travel-enthusiast bride. If you’re a music lover, why not present your cake on the turntable of an old record player? Be creative. Your efforts will certainly pay off in the end.

Sources: image 1; image 2


Other Fun Ideas…


Multiple cakes for multiple funMultiply the Sweetness

Why have just one cake when you can have 10? Forgo the tiered look for a display of multiple cakes on your table. The best part? Multiple cakes equals multiple flavors! Now that’s what you call having your cake and eating it too.

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Crates and Barrels Using old crates to display a white cake = delicious design appeal!

Rustic elements like barn wood crates and old barrels are perfectly juxtaposed against a white cake. Proof that anything can be a table with a little imagination, this display shows creativity a a willingness to think outside of the box.

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